Tondano Lake - North Sulawesi

Senin, 21 Juni 2010.
Tondano lake is located in the province of North Sulawesi - Indonesia, with an altitude of 600 meters and is surrounded by mountains which have an average altitude of 700 meters including Lembean Mount, Kaweng Mount, Tampusu Hill, and Masarang Maunt. To reach this lake takes one hour drive from Manado city (36 km).


Maninjau Lake - West Sumatra is Beautiful

Senin, 14 Juni 2010.
Maninjau Lake is located in the province of West Sumatra, about 140 km from the city of Padang. This lake is a volcanic lake with a height of 461.50 meters above sea level. originated from the eruption of Mount Sitinjau. according to the legend associated with the story of Lake maninjau "Bujang Sembilan"


Anggi Giji Lake - lake pairs Anggi gita

Senin, 07 Juni 2010.
This lake is a lake pairs Anggi Gita (Manokwari - Papua), which is located beside the Anggi gita lake separated by mountains. Anggi giji lake water color different from the Anggi gita lake, but as beautiful scenery


Anggi Gita Lake History

Minggu, 06 Juni 2010.
In the area of Manokwari - Papua there is a lake called Anggi Gita Lake. This lake is located in the Arfak mountains at an altitude of 2 km. According to the history of the people of Manokwari, coupled with Anggi Giji lake, in antiquity is a pair of men separated by high mountain


Paniai Lake is the world's most beautiful Lake

Jumat, 04 Juni 2010.
Paniai Lake is a lake located in enarotali - Papua - Indonesia. This lake is the most beautiful lake in the world and is still considered natural. Paniai Lake located at an altitude of 7500 meters. Even the lake is getting attention from the 157 countries that want to see first hand the landscape. This lake has not been managed as a tourist attraction area papua


Lido Lake in Sukabumi Bogor

Rabu, 02 Juni 2010.
As one tourist destination area around Jakarta, Lido Lake is one of the options considered biased. Only with a distance of 65 km from Jakarta, or 1-2 hours of your journey has reached the location of Lido lake.

Lido lake position on the outskirts of the city of Bogor Sukabumi highway, between Salak Mount and Gede Mount

Besides the beautiful scenery, there are outbound facilities, fishing, eating on the Lido lake and other facilities.


Toba Lake

Senin, 31 Mei 2010.

Toba Lake in northern Sumatra has a width of 30 km and 100 km long and 450 meters depth, in the middle of the lake have Samosir Island and the island of Samosir is there another lake and a lake called Sidihoni Lake and Aek Natonang Lake


Black water lake or Bagantung Lake

This dark water lake located in Kapuas district, Central Kalimantan, indonesia, people there often refer to this lake called Lake begantung, why it is said the black water lake, this lake because the water is black. The cause of the color black is the presence of surrounding peatlands, peatland. Peatlands in the form of twigs, leaves, roots, stems that have been rotting the storing large quantities of water and flows into the lake.

Besides the beauty of color, black water from the lake water can serve as a tonic for men, this proved to be resident in the area around the lake is even older remains strong. Water from the lake of black water can be drunk and not cause disease.

lake types

Kamis, 27 Mei 2010.
Lake is a basin at the surface of the earth that contain water. The lake has benefits such as for irrigation, tourism, hydroelectric power, inland fishery business place, a source of water supply for living things around and controlling flood and erosion.

Lake types are:

1. Karst lake
Karts Lake is a lake located in areas where calcareous small size and large called doline named uvala.

2. Volcanic Lake / Crater Lake
Volcanic lake is a lake that formed in a former volcanic crater. Examples are: Lake Batur in Bali.

3. Artificial Lake / Reservoir
Artificial lake is a lake that is deliberately created by humans to meet the water needs of agriculture, inland fisheries, drinking water, and others. Example: Jatiluhur Reservoir in West Java.

4. Tectonic lake
Tectonic lake is a lake which occurs due to activity / tectonic events that resulted in surface soil on the earth's crust down to the bottom form a concave and eventually filled with water.Examples : Lake Toba in North Sumatra.
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