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Kamis, 27 Mei 2010.
Lake is a basin at the surface of the earth that contain water. The lake has benefits such as for irrigation, tourism, hydroelectric power, inland fishery business place, a source of water supply for living things around and controlling flood and erosion.

Lake types are:

1. Karst lake
Karts Lake is a lake located in areas where calcareous small size and large called doline named uvala.

2. Volcanic Lake / Crater Lake
Volcanic lake is a lake that formed in a former volcanic crater. Examples are: Lake Batur in Bali.

3. Artificial Lake / Reservoir
Artificial lake is a lake that is deliberately created by humans to meet the water needs of agriculture, inland fisheries, drinking water, and others. Example: Jatiluhur Reservoir in West Java.

4. Tectonic lake
Tectonic lake is a lake which occurs due to activity / tectonic events that resulted in surface soil on the earth's crust down to the bottom form a concave and eventually filled with water.Examples : Lake Toba in North Sumatra.

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